Privacy Policy



Element Delta as a website sells access to market signals and expert system licenses to those interested in crypto trading. One of the main benefits of cryptocurrency (or "crypto") is the anonymity that these formats provide. As such, Element Delta trades information, but not that of our users. We take privacy seriously, and as such we have established the following policy.                     

We are a commercial company, and as such we operate as a for-profit business. To do this, we make payments by credit card or by cryptography. Either way, we store customer data in our secure local database. This information is to maintain subscription functions and satisfy customer requests only. All of our customer data is stored on secure servers behind state-of-the-art firewalls. These servers are not shared with any other company than the one associated with Element Delta.                     

This data includes personal identification cards, user names and billing information, including credit card information. This data, however, is stored in an encrypted format that should be considered secure, or "hacker-proof."                     

Customer data is stored only as long as a customer is a paid member of the Element Delta service. In the event that a user cancels his account, we will retain his client's data in case he returns as a paid subscriber. However, in accordance with Mexican law, a user can request that their data - including financial data - be removed from our servers at any time. Any user requiring this service can send an email to privacy @ Element and make such a request. The Element Delta team can take up to 48 hours to process and respond to such requests, and our security teams can request proof of identity. This is for your protection as well as ours.                     

In addition to user data, our servers can collect and store behavioral data about our users. This includes the use of "cookies" to track activity, IP addresses, and other associated data, such as page load time and the amount of time you spend on a given page. These are used exclusively by our QA and development staff to make Element Delta easier to use and a more attractive option for our customers.                     

When a user uses our website, all of the above information is collected, stored and sometimes processed as part of the general procedure for our services. Your information will only be used for the reasons mentioned above. Element Delta will never share, sell, lease or otherwise distribute your personal information, including names and email addresses, to any other third party under any circumstances, except when is required by law.                     

In addition to the reasons mentioned, there are a number of additional reasons why we may collect personally identifiable information. These include, but are not limited to, the following:                     

Provide personal customer service Billing and other accounting purposes To contact users in case of problems with the service Provide law enforcement personnel with the information required by law For personalized special offers or other promotions From time to time, Element Delta may contact a user regarding their account. This may be to resolve membership errors, resolve disputes, resolve billing issues, supply marketing offers, deliver company news, solicit feedback on services and products offered, or other related reasons. In general, this contact will take place through the email that a member has on file in their account, although the most urgent communications may be via telegram, telephone or text message. Any user can opt out of receiving marketing communications from Element Delta at any time by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of their marketing emails, however Element Delta may retain a user's contact information.